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Labour isn’t working
31 December 2008, 11:34 am
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I’m a little late for this but batteries aren’t included and better late than never. Since I’ve been tagged twice, once by skdadl at pogge and again by Beijing York at Resettle This!, I supose I better hop to it. I am largely unemployable except in a particular field that is filled with directionless hopefuls who just like to read. And I don’t even really like to do that. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Anyway, here is work that I have been paid for in my life, as far as I can remember.

  1. Installing motherboards in new computers for Medway High School
  2. Casual worker hired out by the Youth Employment Agency
  3. Dishwasher at a Chinese-Jewish restaurant (with two very offensive caricatures on the front of their menu)
  4. Grill cook and sandwich maker at same
  5. Campaign Volunteer for an anti-gay, anti-feminist, anti-poor Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate. I’m still working this off.
  6. Gas station attendant at Canadian Tire
  7. Cook at Mongolian Grill
  8. Cook (again) at the wonderful Kelsey’s restaurant
  9. Tree thinner and Brushcutter in Alberta, BC and Quebec. Best job I ever had by leaps and bounds.
  10. Catering cook
  11. Usher at Centaur Theatre
  12. Barista!
  13. Primo Barista!
  14. Volunteer producer for community radio station
  15. Admin assistant at University Secretariat
  16. Grad Student. Not really a job, or paid.
  17. Reader for James Tait Black Award for Fiction
  18. Now I work in a pub serving cask ales and whisky to lonely criminal lawyers and actuaries in Edinburgh’s New Town. Hurry up please its time.

As for tagging five other bloggers, you’ll have to wait for an update. I’m new to this (see lateness, above) and the only bloggers I ‘know’ have already tagged me. Maybe I can come up with something, but this will have to do for now!

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Campaign Volunteer for an anti-gay, anti-feminist, anti-poor Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate. I’m still working this off.

I smell coercion :-)

Comment by Beijing York

I smell coercion

Okay maybe. He was my neighbour, I was 14, and I was ‘volunteered’ by my parents. But in the interest of full disclosure, my parents were both teachers and I was a teenage boy, so when Mike Harris came around and said that teachers were overpaid and useless, guess whose side I took? Ick.

Comment by Blind Man

Had I known this about you when we met, I would have questioned our friendship. Things have definitely worked out for the better, though ;)

PS. thanks for the hat-tip in the Pottersville post.

Comment by Lo-Pez

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